Pre-Day 1 of the 2 Mile Run (series)

If you would care to join Alex and me for the First Annual 2 Mile Run Series, drop us a line and/or a comment.

Rules/Guidelines and Ways to Participate:

  • Find a 2 mile long course that you can run and/or walk every day* in the month of June.
  • write us a comment and tell us something interesting about yourself, your 2 Mile course or why you are engaging in this here Run here
  • Each day that you have completed your 2 Mile Run send us a Comment and let us know how you did! Β I’ll post it in that day’s Post
  • if you want to send photos of your 2 Mile course…go ahead

This is not a competition. Well, not a direct competition. It’s more of a … enhanced group support for individual improvement and, maybe a little competition. For those of you who do enjoy competition, we will be comparing the relative changes in our individual times.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how long you take to complete your 2 Mile Run, but if you reduce your time by 5% and I reduce my time by 3% on a given day, then I guess that would make you Winner for the Day.

Guess that’s all we have for now.

Stay tuned, follow us, whatever… hey! it’ll be fun!

* one day off per week is fine!