June 22, 2015 “…yeah! we’re half the way there!”


for the benefit* of anyone out there considering the idea of a) joining us or 2) trying out this ‘2 Mile thing’ before deciding to join us, I submit my Elapsed Time for today. It is different from nearly every other posted elapsed time for me over the last 21 days. The reason it has varied is the reason you should join us: as long as you cover 2 Miles and you send your elapsed time, nothing else matters.

Which is not to say there is nothing of value to joining us on the 2 Mile Run. There is. Something of value to joining us on the 2 Mile Run. You’ll have to join us to find out what that is. Everyone here already knows.


clark: 28:05:00



kristi: 22:21:00




photos and music* for the day:

June 20, 2015 End of Week!

I think we will all agree, this past week, 2 Mile Runistically-speaking is better off in the past, being one of the more aggravating weeks in the admittedly brief history of this here blog here.  But I have not come here to testify…. (Allman Brothers  first album….excellent song…. think I’ll post it for your listening pleasure).


clark: 23:00:72
(because that simply makes the kind of sense that we’ve been seeing all week!)






photos and videos

June 19, 2015 “it’s official! the rotation of the earth is slowing down…how better to explain this (elapsed) time?”

OK! The best thing about today?  Only one more Run left in the week! Then a whole 24 hours during which we can explore the promise and challenge of… competitive fly-fishing or maybe advanced crossword puzzle solving!


clark: 26:41:34


Val June 19 2015

val: 34:20:10




Kristi: 20:12:00



and photos!

food item June 19 2015

I believe this is cookies ‘n casserole  (or something like that!)  (I better go check)


OK directly from Val:  Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna