June 17, 2015 Come join us…

If there is anyone out there thinking about participating, but reluctant because of the entirely human thought, ‘yeah, but my time sucks and it’ll look like I’m not keeping up’ I offer for your consideration, today’s time (for my own efforts).

Thank you for not laughing (bad), looking away and pretending not to see (worse):


clark: 23:44:97




kristi: 19:41:00



val: 34:49:85


the next new runner


photos of the day:

from Val: We’ll look to her for the caption



6 thoughts on “June 17, 2015 Come join us…

  1. You finished, right? And that time is nothing to sneeze at, either.
    I’m feeling better today, so should lace up my shoes and get started. I think I just needed that extra day off.


    • Maybe there is something to interrupting the process. I know that the amount of time that I spend ‘running’ (i.e. jogging, staggering anything but standing still or walking) was greater today than ever, but I still lost a minute. It can only be that when I’m walking (to recover from the running) I’m walking a lot slower than I think I am!

      lol yes, I did complete the course. so theres something


  2. I don’t worry about the time so much, you two athletic achievers. I’m more about doing the walk, experiencing the walk and the enjoyment of it. Chat time with my friend Sandy. Anyway I’m not sure about the guy sleeping in the kiosk. We didn’t stop and rest, I took the shot on closeup iPhone. Maybe he came earlier in the day, did some fishing and decided to rest a bit. Or maybe his wife was jogging the reservoir and he was just resting there. Or maybe he went around three times and felt like collapsing in the kiosk. Gee, I hope he was okay. Now that I think of it, I probably should have asked if he needed help. But I wouldn’t have wanted to wake him up. I kind of feel like a voyeur stalking a person at rest.


    • well… at least there are adventures and stories and potential blog materials (from your walks), I do my ‘running’ early in the morning (5:30 or thereabouts) so there is no one around who isn’t in a car.


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