July 31, 2015 ‘that’s right… August is less than a week away!!’

So lets do this at least to the end of August. If anyone out there knows of, or has an easy-to-use app that will let me plug in our numbers and produce a chart or graph or something interesting, let me know. I’m of the opinion that we’ll see a tilted wave…. weight fluctuating but the day, of course,  but viewed on a weekly basis, the same pattern should emerge… i.e. down…up…down…down…up…etc, a trending. Because, as we all know, the Gravity Challenge is about our capacity for change, not our ability to get to a certain weight (which is almost always a number derived in part or in whole from the world around us… family, friends, strangers-on-the-internet, doctors, health club trainers, nutritionists, estheticians, politicians, ministers and that nagging voice inside our head that, at times, but not always,  sounds like our 5-year-old-selfs imitating an adult)

and, speaking for myself, this has been…. enjoyable and fun because, despite the easy-access to people available via the internet,  countless hordes of people who really want to help me through life, because of this blog, there are at least six people in the world, who I can identify with…. if for only a ‘as-long-as-it-takes-to-stand-on-a-scale, take-a-photo-and- send-it-to-Facebook’  slice of their lives… and that’s just plain kind of cool.


clark: … 59  (yeah, right)   …lol



valerina:  3.8  (her photos are the sharpest of the sharp!  simple, easy to read, unambiguous …we should all aspire to such morning photography!) nice!



christine:  …148   (“…our scott is in da house!”)
Q: Are the scales in Indiana always accurate? A: If Christine is anywhere near   them, they darn well better be!”*)


Lisa July 31 2015

lisa:  9.0  (boo ya!)


Joy July 31 2015

joy: …188.97


kristi July 31 2015

kristi:  ……….6.4



* thanks to whoever makes up ‘Chuck Norris Jokes’…. fro example:

  • Chuck Norris can speak French… In Russian.
  • Chuck Norris once climbed Mt. Everest in 15 minutes, 14 of which he was building a snowman at the bottom.
  • Chuck Norris once broke a mirror over the head of a black cat while standing under a ladder on Friday the thirteenth. The next day he won the lottery.

(courtesy of a site:  Chuck Norris Jokes Chuck Norris Facts  ) 

July 30, 2015 ‘so what is it we’re doing at the ‘Gravity Challenge’?’

Today’s Title is a simple framing of the question I’ve been getting lately, variations on ‘so you post your weight to each other on Facebook, and you do this for what reason?’

Simple answer: it’s fun

(Less) Simple answer: the Gravity Challenge started as the outcome of a discussion with a friend about weight, the difficulty encountered when trying to lose weight and whether are not it would form the basis for a Challenge here at 2 Mile Run, (not a stretch, given the short but interesting history of this blog).

Probable Best answer: ‘well, read the preceding for one person’s reason, contact everyone else for the other reasons’



clark: …57.8  ha!  stable weight in action (a weight will tend to return to the point, despite increases (or decreases), provided the length of time spent at higher (or lower) points was not more than X days. (X being the not yet determined length of time necessary to create a new ‘stable weight’ point).  ya know?



val:2.9     early photography Award: val!



christine: … 150   (out of the Midwest is heard an eerie, soul-chilling sound,  “…still  it’s Still  150!!!!!)  (so…perhaps today wasn’t the best day to solicit reason why the Gravity Challenge is so very much ….fun?)



joy: …..186.49  (two words:  ‘excellento!’)


Lisa July 30 2015


July 29, 2015

…ok, sometimes a stable weight takes longer to move than one might think. just watch!


clark: …60.2  not worrying!  this is just proof of the persistence of ‘stable weight’…. can’t wait to move that number down… good thing we’re going to be doing this through August, no?



christine: … 149  back towards where it was… SW



val: … 3.8


lisa July 29 2015

lisa: …1.5  (lisa’s first comment was,  “…9.1 ugh”   to which we say ‘thank you for the attempt to keep everyone up… at great risk in taking photo while standing on head’)



kristi:  ….6.2  not bad!


28, July 2015 ‘you are a nominal variable, so send in your scale readout and we’ll all benefit’


  • Stand on scale
  • take a photo of the readout*
  • send the photo to the Gravity Challenge
  • know that, by participating, you are accepting that, weight is (the) variable
  • …you are the standard

* subject to Kristi’s Rule


clark: … 59.8  So, the point of the ‘stable weight’ concept?? I’ll weigh somewhere around 57.3 to 58.0  by Thursday, whether I try or not!   cool, no?



christine: …150   (we’re all probably grateful for the whole ‘stable weight’ thing, yes?)



val: … 3.5  ok… we’re all in this together, repeat:  “It’s only fricken Tuesday!! got nothing to be concerned about…. come on!!! Stable Weight’



lisa: …9.0

July 27, 2015 ‘ of stable weight and one more month of (the) Gravity Challenge.’

Stable Weight.  The reading today is why stable weight is such a good concept. I expect a weekend bounce, but, as long as I don’t panic and just keep doing, foodistically-speaking, what I’ve been doing these last weeks, I’ll expect that my numbers will be much like they were last week.



clark: … 60.9  (jeez!! eat any over the weekend, clark??  thank god for ‘stable weight’!!) (which means… 60.9?  pwhtt!  wait’ll tomorrow’s reading!)



christine: …. 149   (lets welcome our scottian vacationeer back from… well, from vacation!)



val:… 4.9  our other Graviteer is back from the South Sea… not bad for a re-entry reading!


Joy July 26 2015

joy: …189.999  probably in the running for the least weekend bounce in the group!


Kristi July 27 2015

kristi: …5.8  (now,  cover the other eye and read the second line! ) lol



lisa:  90.5

July 25, 2015 ‘ ….break time! send in the last photo (of the week) and get out there and have fun!’


Don’t forget, this is about ‘stable weight’ not about any one day’s reading. Sort of like, when you’re in your car, it’s winter and you get stuck in the snow… don’t try to gun the engine, instead, remaining relaxed, just rock the car, back and forth a bit…. a little forward, a little back  until you feel you’re out of that icy rut and then you find yourself moving along.

….this Gravity Challenge is exactly like that, except different!


clark: …57.4  ok… I’m ok with that



lisa: …7.0  (!  excellento!  way to finish week!)



joy: …188.47  ah..aight!   (hey there ain’t no such thing as a bad weight that involves a ‘-‘  (minus) sign, ya know?


val: …2.5   yow!   nice non-horrifying-back-from-vacation-scale-photo  to quote our val, “Yay”   ‘yay’ indeed!


Kristi July 25 2015

kristi: … 6.4   hey!!!  way to maintain progress!

July 24, 2015 Friday the next to the last day of the Week!* (* at least it is for us ‘Challengers de gravité’)

Ok, we have one additional day in this here week here, so lets almost see how we can finish the week:


clark: … 57.6  not what I wanted for (a) Friday, but not as bad  …it’s all about establishing a stable weight, which, of course, takes time


joy:188.2  ! surely the Award for ‘Keep the Number Moving’  this week goes to Joy



lisa: …9.0  (the Commentary that accompanied todays’ photo had the phrase ‘wtf*’ as an element in our co-Challenger’s evocation of the variable gravity fields at her home this morning.)



kristi: …7.4  not bad towards the end of the week… (which we talked about on the face book… stable weight being more a reflection of the ‘week’s’ number as opposed to the day’s number…. a bigger curve but is the goal in a long term sense…just as it’s difficult to move the weight downward, once attained the stable weight gives you a measure of buffering against quick increases.


*  which we all know is an acronym for ‘wobble in the (gravitational) field’

July 23, 2015 Thursday

If I were a scott, I would (virtually) offer ‘High 5s’ for all of us based on yesterday’s photos. (As a clark), I will be satisfied with saying, ‘hey, pretty good change in ‘the numbers’ yesterday.’  …which, is, imo, at the heart of the Gravity Challenge, the ‘fact of change’. Someone, I don’t recall who, said words to the effect, ‘I don’t get how the number can be so low in one day, must be….’ That is totally how most of us react/respond to a change that is surprising. The status quo is an amazing and powerful force. It (manages) to get us to resistant change in some very creative ways, this ‘exceptionalism’ is a very good example. ‘nah, must be the scale…it’s water, must be a fluke’. All, clearly, intended to ignore the positive and leave the expected in place.

….not going to go on to long about this, other than to repeat what my response yesterday was to the suggestion that the scale-must-be-wrong/a fluke-in-water-detention/one-time-dip-in-the-number/odd-looking-toes-are-to-blame with the official position of the Gravity Challenge, which is,  ‘I’ll take it!’


clark: … 59.2  wth!!  (the lord giveth, the lord taketh awayeth…lol)



lisa: ….8.5  (ok..ok…at least some of us are maintaining our position…lol)


joy July 23 2015

joy:  …190.95346774 (yeah, that’s an exact number!  anybody got a problem with that?!! )  lol


kristi July 23 2015

kristi: …7.2  (and her skills with the camera documenting the ‘sailing through them numbers!’)



from our adventurneering friend Val:

'3 rogers and a clark'  V.

‘3 rogers and a clark’ V.

July 22, 2015 yesterday’s Date of ‘June 21, 2015′ may have been an exaggeration… please send in photos from the present day!’




clark: … 58.4  still not too bad, for a Wednesday!


lisa:… 7.5   (!!  down and down and down!)


Joy July 22 2015

joy: … 188.75378987  (boo-) (yah)


Kristi July 22 2015

kristi: ….8.2   the center of the earth recedes, ever so slightly…nevertheless recedes

June 21, 2015 “…ok, folks! weekend shock should be abating…snap them photos and send ’em on in!”



clark: …57.4   ok, I can live this… now the hard part


Lisa July 21 2015

lisa: … 9.0  (ok, a little remnant instability… but it’s the fact of change that counts, not (necessarily the change).


Joy July 21 2015

joy: …190   nice…directly on the line (short of having a digital, that’s the best kind of benchmark)… the treadmill, Joy tells us, her current choice of gravity fighter. Me. I’ve been trying a stationary bicycle…not having much fun!


Kristi July 21 2015