Hurry up! and weight!! the First Annual, 2 Mile Run Weight Contest!

escher… there probably should be disclaimers and such about how you should consult a physician before embarking on any serious weight loss…. er   adventure. But this is not a serious weight loss program, this is a (continued) look at the benefits of identifying with other people sharing a fairly limited and specific objective.

… so here’s the plan:

weigh yourself each day before 8:00 am (local time) and send in a photo of that scale readout! How easy is that?!  This being the 2 Mile Run, we will say that it does not matter if your goal is to gain weight or lose weight (or, hell! maintain the same weight!) that you participate does…. matter.

We’ll be starting tomorrow, July 8 2015 come join us as we explore the psycho-physiological manipulation of the most pervasive of forces in the universe…. Gravity!*

Note!  There is a new Rule!!  Kristi’s Rule: the requirement of Posting Daily Weight, i.e. photo of scale can include the entire total weight or the single and tenths of pounds number.  This is consistent with the philosophy of the 2 Mile Run… it is about the change not about the total and any competition is pretty much limited to oneself (over time).
…we good?



* remember! you can’t spell gravity without the G-R-A in Gravy!


4 thoughts on “Hurry up! and weight!! the First Annual, 2 Mile Run Weight Contest!

  1. With all of this yard work, I’m finally starting to get rid of those extra pounds I gained during the knee injury/surgery/recovery phase of my life. Since it doesn’t require running, and Bryan bought me a scale for my birthday oh those many years ago, I can do this!


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