July 15, 2015 ‘ 15th?…. the 15th!?!?! how the hell did that happen??!! hurry everyone!! time is doing that fleeting thing again!’

OK   granted there is no set time limit, deadline or other form of chronologic restraints to our efforts here, but!  the ‘Hurry’ in ‘Hurry up and Weight’ is becoming noticeable…like the idea that it’s not staying light as late as it seemed to be doing just last month!

This is still not a regime or a contest or program, its more an ordeal.  In the good sense of the word!!  (Around the Doctrine, the concept of ‘an ordeal’ is meant to infer a deliberate engaging in a stressful or otherwise difficult effort, for the purpose of having brought home (to us, those that would be engaging in an ordeal) that we are capable of so much more than we let ourselves come to believe. Not quite a ‘test’, more of a demonstration, of our inner resources and the ‘fact of change’, which is to remind us that we can do this thing.


clark:…58  finally! I’m getting into a (weight)-territory that once, not that long ago was the ‘high average’…. of course, this is only half the battle… (more on that, later)



christine:… 148  ( yeah! )



valarita: …3.4  (still middle of the week…s’all right for a Wednesday)

Alex July 15 2015

alex: …160  two words:  ‘yow!’


Joy July 15 2015

joy: …192  (one of the reasons I’m glad that Joy has joined us at ‘the Challenge’,  her message on ‘the Facebook’ when posting the above photo:  “Aaand I found that pound I lost” [smile emoticon]


3 thoughts on “July 15, 2015 ‘ 15th?…. the 15th!?!?! how the hell did that happen??!! hurry everyone!! time is doing that fleeting thing again!’

  1. Can’t say I’m in the high average desired range. Still have some to go.

    However, I just want to throw out there that while I’m enjoying this, and weight is a valid indicator, it’s not the be-all, end-all of fitness. I want to fit into my clothes again. I may do that without losing 10 pounds if I’m doing things to increase my muscle mass. Which, btw, is most beneficial, as you burn more calories even while just reading a book.
    End of friendly rant.


    • agree (about being one of a number of indicators)… it does seem to be the most…versatile in having an impact on the way that we self-perceive ourselves.. even when we’re not looking…like you say, the clothing factor can have a subtle, but very real effect, first thing in the morning! no less


    • Yeah, Christine. I have been gymless since the end of April. I am so very happy to say that my new gym FINALLY opened and I did a fun Zumba class today. It’s the pants that count.


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