July 23, 2015 Thursday

If I were a scott, I would (virtually) offer ‘High 5s’ for all of us based on yesterday’s photos. (As a clark), I will be satisfied with saying, ‘hey, pretty good change in ‘the numbers’ yesterday.’  …which, is, imo, at the heart of the Gravity Challenge, the ‘fact of change’. Someone, I don’t recall who, said words to the effect, ‘I don’t get how the number can be so low in one day, must be….’ That is totally how most of us react/respond to a change that is surprising. The status quo is an amazing and powerful force. It (manages) to get us to resistant change in some very creative ways, this ‘exceptionalism’ is a very good example. ‘nah, must be the scale…it’s water, must be a fluke’. All, clearly, intended to ignore the positive and leave the expected in place.

….not going to go on to long about this, other than to repeat what my response yesterday was to the suggestion that the scale-must-be-wrong/a fluke-in-water-detention/one-time-dip-in-the-number/odd-looking-toes-are-to-blame with the official position of the Gravity Challenge, which is,  ‘I’ll take it!’


clark: … 59.2  wth!!  (the lord giveth, the lord taketh awayeth…lol)



lisa: ….8.5  (ok..ok…at least some of us are maintaining our position…lol)


joy July 23 2015

joy:  …190.95346774 (yeah, that’s an exact number!  anybody got a problem with that?!! )  lol


kristi July 23 2015

kristi: …7.2  (and her skills with the camera documenting the ‘sailing through them numbers!’)



from our adventurneering friend Val:

'3 rogers and a clark'  V.

‘3 rogers and a clark’ V.


7 thoughts on “July 23, 2015 Thursday

  1. Tonight is the last dinner out. Road tripping tomorrow and I’ll join you at the scale on Saturday morning. Be warned. It is not going to be pretty.

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  2. Yay everyone! 🙂 yay for a whatever, we’re all alive and well.
    I was surprised bc this week has been crazy, almost no time to exercise. Or shower. Or go to the grocery…..
    But then a pound came back today and sense was restored.

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