August 31, 2015 ‘Great month’s effort, fellow Graviteers! we all done good.’

So this is the last of photo of the August Challenge. Think nothing of the number. Take the time to go back through the month ending and look at your numbers. What do you see? No, without getting all powerpoint/ audiovisual on it, picture a graph of the numbers. Ups and downs? sure, of course. The important thing is to picture the graph from start to finish, from a perspective to the side…. is it (the graph) slanted? (I’m betting it is).
Change. Progress.



clark: … 57.6  (my approach? glad you asked!  this?  a good number, but the real value is that later in the week, if (and when) it tracks higher, I’ll know that I hit this number once and it is now within my ‘reasonable range’)


christine: … 146.5  excellent end of month!


joy: …187.2  (close on a good number)


lisa: … 1.0


val: …. 4.8  ‘onwards and (downwards)!


kristi: …1.8  yeah!

come on!!! September!!  we are so ready!

August 29, 2015 ‘… and another month comes to a close. did you remember to vote?’

So, it looks like a landslide is building for taking the Gravity Challenge into September (month motto: ‘sure, there are really warm days, but Summer is over‘)

Waiting to hear from Christine and Joy and Kristi (we totally want unanimity on the extension of the G Games!) Somebody call them up!



clark: …58  (can live wit dat  for going into a weekend)





val: … 2.9   ( I’ll go out on a limb and say,  ‘she can live wit dat!’)

Joy august 29 2015

joy: … 186.1  (two words: damn!)

August 28, 2015 ‘in which what was not right is righted and a sense of balance restored’

Friday it is then! Let the photo show what, if you care to scroll back (as I do encourage from time to time) over the past however many of these we have done and look for the path of change. Surely it is not a straight line, but, equally surely when viewed over time the trend (by the day, by the week, soon, by the month) will be downwards.

No one day’s photo should cause too much elation or too much depression. There is change and the (weight) is changeable. Pretty much the point of the ‘Gravity Challenge’



clark: … 57.6   (not bad, for going into a weekend)


christine: …148  (‘the perfect illustration of the principle of ‘stable weight’  laugh at the one/two day increases, as long as the average (and the trend) in weight is the direction you desire…’)


val: … 3.5

lisa August 28 2015

lisa: …2.0  (lisa is not overly happy with this readout…so lets all help her remember the underlying principle of the ‘Gravity Challenge’   i.e. hey! it’s that number today, what the hell was the number last week?!? or the number next week??!  (lol, ok, so we’re not yet ready for formal and professional cheerleading… (gimme a ‘G’! gimme a ‘R’ (no! that’s give me ‘an’ ‘R’) …)  you’ve been in the land of pleased-with-progress-numbers before and you will be there again.)


joy August 28 2015

joy: … 187.73  still one day left in the week

August 27, 2015

Next to the next to the last day of the measurable week!



clark: … 57.6  ( ‘iight…. I’ll take it.’ )


christine: … 150   (as we say, ’round  this here Gravity Challenge here, ‘one reading… that’s all it is… )


val: … 3.4  ( and she says,  ‘I’ll take it!’)   ( a little ‘Dürer on a Diet?’)



lisa: …


kristi: …



joy: …

August 26, 2015 ‘halfway through the month already!’

(for anyone paying attention to such things), of late there seems to be a time of slight ….dissonance. (These times), are when things don’t quite seem totally correct, or, at any rate, not quite as real as they should. (Stop me if this makes not sense.) It is this, ‘not quite real’ overtone that makes us appreciate how variable reality can be and is not, for those few who are capable of noticing it, particularly pleasant.

But ….but! on the positive side, a time of dissonance oft-times presages significant change (in one’s reality) and so can be an exciting time.

at any rate, here is the proof of concept:


clark: 57.8




val:4.8   (one word:  very cool!)


lisa:8.0  (a little rest before the dial starts moving (again…)




August 25, 2015

Welcome to the Gravity Challenge!  where there are no bad weights, only bad beliefs about weight.

Join us and share in the thrill of progress and the agony of …  no, no agony here. Hell, it’s the notion that it’s agony to have your scale tell you that you weigh more than you think you know what you should weigh. The Gravity Challenge is not (quite) about ‘weight loss’… it is about ‘weight change’.

Let’s just let it go at that for today.


clark: …59.2  (and, like I said, ‘let’s just let it go at that for today’


christine: …147.   (and the trend is there!)


lisa August 25 2015

lisa: …8.0  and our fellow Graviteer was heard to say,  “Not bad…I’ll take it.”  We concur!


val: … 5.5  (and with the polarization effect!  the 60’s were nearly like this…)

kristi (if she’s back from the road)

August 24, 2015 Mon………!

Lets see how much momentum we can get going for this week…. (today’s numbers don’t really count, ’cause of the weekend and all.)


clark: …59.0  (I’ll take it, for a weekend weight)


joy: …187.   (ok!! joy’s with me!!  everyone else!?  come on!!)

christine August 24 2015

Christine: …147.5 (way to start the week, is all that is!)

lisa August 24 2015

lisa: … 9.0  (…is in da house!)



(val has a virtual note from her doctor…  christine was up late over the weekend,  lisa…well, lisa….we’ll expect a very good accounting for the Monday-lates…. at Kristi is out gallivanting* around the country.




* thanks to Sister Mary I-forget-her-name for this archaic (even for the early 60’s) term

August 22, 2015 ‘end of Week… everyone take tomorrow off!’

Good week for all,* this week.





clark: …58   ( “I’ll take it.”)


christine: 146.5   great ending to the week, no?


val: …4.5  (not  a bad week at all!)





*keeping in mind that the primary (initial) benefit of the Gravity Challenge is to see the change that is inherent within…

August 21, 2015 Semi Last Day of the Workweek!

Some of us have done outstanding in this week’s Gravity Challenge and some us have not, and, since the underlying premise (and promise) of ‘the Gravity Challenge’ is the power of identification within the group, I will simply say,

“Yay us! Kicked they ass is all we did this week! boo…yah”


clark: …59.0  (gots one more day in the week, don’t forget!)


christine: …147  (sev….en!)


val: …4.0  (and the beat goes on!)


lisa: …6.5  (two words:  ‘yoww!)


joy: …188.01  (the center of the earth giveth and the center of the world taketh awayeth….)   let simply say, the time spent in 185-ville, no matter how seemingly brief, was not in vain! the scale will sink again!



August 20, 2015

It’s Thursday. Expect to see last weeks numbers hove into view*, the good ship Momentum sailing majestically out of port.


clark: …58.4


christine: …148 


val: …4.2 

lisa August 20 2015

lisa: ….9.0  holding steady can be a good thing…

Joy August 20 2015

joy: …186.7  settling after great progress… the way of Gravity



*yeah a little of the nautical flair today