August 4, 2015 Tuesday ‘well, Joy seemed to have had a good day yesterday, anyone liking today? …anyone?!?

Lis brought up the interesting view of stable weight versus daily weight as a totally positive alternating measure.

We take the weight each day and see the ‘fact of change’… not necessarily ‘as much’ or ‘as rapid’ as we might want, change nevertheless. (And, while that’s going on), no that we’ve been at this for a while we can go back (individually or as a group) and watch the longer trends, over the weeks. This is where we’ll detect (any) changes to our respective ‘stable weight(s)’.

The cool thing is that neither is the end all and be all…. both are where we are on a given day. (Which is not to say that we should have a goal or target (weight) for ourselfs… it’s just that that (target) is just one point on the scale (pun intended)).



clark: … 58



christine: …148



val: …3.3





joy: …186.8





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