August 13, 2015 ‘ok, take five…. don’t worry, progress is still available’

There are benefits to an effort like this here ‘Gravity Challenge’ here, that most of us overlook, (myself included).

The most significant benefit is the fact that we (collectively and individually) have succeeded. No, really!  All of us have seen the numbers on our scales change. All of us have seen the change, and while we will attribute it, at least in part, to the fact of this being a group effort, it’s always been you…a scale…a camera…. and the world.

(And to go out on a limb here), I suspect we have all had moments of ‘yeah, right… it’s never going to happen/last’ that same old tired voice in our heads.

Well, the fact is, it has. You know the coolest thing about this effort?  No, not weighing each day (though that’s pretty significant), not the rising and subsequent falling and rising again of the numbers on our scales (we knew that would happen, but we know that it’s not beyond our control)… the really cool thing about the ‘Gravity Challenge’ is the publicness of it.
Of course we’re the only ones who know the full number or whatever,
of course there’s a small audience on ‘the Facebook’…. but there’s something about the fact that we  (collectively and as individuals) all… what’s the psychologically appropriate term?…. we don’t give a shit what others might think.
(No, I’m not making that as a generalized statement for myself or anyone else around here… well, maybe for the scotts among us,  but  for the most part, everyone has said ‘hell yeah, this might be fun and I don’t care what anyone thinks…not even that self-defeating, fatalistic pain-in-the-ass part of myslef

ya know?



clark: …57.4



christine: … 149  even!  downwards trending here



lisa: 8.5   and the beat goes on!!



joy:  186.7  (showing, as discussed above ‘the changeability of the readouts is what this thing is all about!)


val August 13 2015

val: …2.9  thanks out to val… from vacation-ville!


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