August 18, 2015 ‘fun with scales’

Hey, show of hands,  ‘Is this Gravity Challenge (still) worthwhile? All in agreement?’

Well, then  should we be trying anything more interesting….  (speaking for myself, the benefit for me is simply when the numbers are not to my liking, I am less inclined to say, ‘screw it! I’ll:

  • eat ice cream for dinner more than one night a week
  • not bother trying to getting a little more exercise (being defined and simply working up a sweat)
  • be less tolerant of being hungry (there was a time when, if I was hungry, I could ignore it…. nowadays way less so)
  • believe that I’ll never get back to (whatever weight), I’ll always be (whatever weight)

…so a show of hands, yo



clark: … 59.4  (not worried….  lol)



val:1.9  yow!  looks like val is starting to demonstrate an increasingly inverse relationship to the center of the earth!



christine: 147.5   the middle of the country is increasing in elevation (due to the decrease in the weight of it’s inhabitants !)



joy:186.4   (ok…  surely there is a 185. something something in the near future, ya know?)



lisa:1.5  (now that number is totally teetering on the edge… a mere whisper to send it plunging!)


4 thoughts on “August 18, 2015 ‘fun with scales’

  1. I think about my lessening gravitational pull and wonder how fun it would be to float around above the earth. But I think I do that anyway. (Feet not on the ground, head in the clouds and all that claptrap). Anyway, I hoping get back to a certain weight and this is not it. 🙂


    • Yeah, kinda in the same place myself. Must be negative energy in the atmosphere… I just wrote a long and insightful Reply and forgot to hit save and lost the whole thing.
      The comment extolled the virtue of productive apathy. Which is simply to let it go for a while, not get to up or down over my present number. (If I were doing this on my own, at this moment the voice of ‘why bother’ would be quite loud (and persistent), ‘hey come on clark, the scale ain’t changing give up, have some ice cream’ and while I don’t feel jumping up and yelling ‘I’m cutting back on my caloric intake tonight!’ productive apathy allows me to set back and take the day (or two) off… I know that as long as I don’t give up, I will return to the number I was happy with, it’s only if I give in to the negative emotion will I create a problem for myself… this is the time, for me, to remember that it is my mental state, not the physical one that matters. I’ll get back to a more optimistic state soon (sooner because of this group) and if I just let it go for a day or two, I probably won’t add much more than whatever this cycle would add.

      ya know?


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