August 21, 2015 Semi Last Day of the Workweek!

Some of us have done outstanding in this week’s Gravity Challenge and some us have not, and, since the underlying premise (and promise) of ‘the Gravity Challenge’ is the power of identification within the group, I will simply say,

“Yay us! Kicked they ass is all we did this week! boo…yah”


clark: …59.0  (gots one more day in the week, don’t forget!)


christine: …147  (sev….en!)


val: …4.0  (and the beat goes on!)


lisa: …6.5  (two words:  ‘yoww!)


joy: …188.01  (the center of the earth giveth and the center of the world taketh awayeth….)   let simply say, the time spent in 185-ville, no matter how seemingly brief, was not in vain! the scale will sink again!



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