August 25, 2015

Welcome to the Gravity Challenge!  where there are no bad weights, only bad beliefs about weight.

Join us and share in the thrill of progress and the agony of …  no, no agony here. Hell, it’s the notion that it’s agony to have your scale tell you that you weigh more than you think you know what you should weigh. The Gravity Challenge is not (quite) about ‘weight loss’… it is about ‘weight change’.

Let’s just let it go at that for today.


clark: …59.2  (and, like I said, ‘let’s just let it go at that for today’


christine: …147.   (and the trend is there!)


lisa August 25 2015

lisa: …8.0  and our fellow Graviteer was heard to say,  “Not bad…I’ll take it.”  We concur!


val: … 5.5  (and with the polarization effect!  the 60’s were nearly like this…)

kristi (if she’s back from the road)

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