August 26, 2015 ‘halfway through the month already!’

(for anyone paying attention to such things), of late there seems to be a time of slight ….dissonance. (These times), are when things don’t quite seem totally correct, or, at any rate, not quite as real as they should. (Stop me if this makes not sense.) It is this, ‘not quite real’ overtone that makes us appreciate how variable reality can be and is not, for those few who are capable of noticing it, particularly pleasant.

But ….but! on the positive side, a time of dissonance oft-times presages significant change (in one’s reality) and so can be an exciting time.

at any rate, here is the proof of concept:


clark: 57.8




val:4.8   (one word:  very cool!)


lisa:8.0  (a little rest before the dial starts moving (again…)




4 thoughts on “August 26, 2015 ‘halfway through the month already!’

  1. This is one of those challenging weeks that reminds me how I got to this weight in the first place. Must not give up!!
    I’m so thankful for this challenge. Facing the number is much better than ignoring it 🙂


    • and…and! it can’t sneak up on you, which is totally discouraging when you look (after a period of time) and find the number way higher…. with our Gravity Challenge (and the once-a-day-excpet-Sundays) we see it move and when it goes up, it’s no surprise and when it is (up) we can look back a few days and see that it was down…. keeps things in a perspective that includes us as the active agent in the process.
      ya know?


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