August 28, 2015 ‘in which what was not right is righted and a sense of balance restored’

Friday it is then! Let the photo show what, if you care to scroll back (as I do encourage from time to time) over the past however many of these we have done and look for the path of change. Surely it is not a straight line, but, equally surely when viewed over time the trend (by the day, by the week, soon, by the month) will be downwards.

No one day’s photo should cause too much elation or too much depression. There is change and the (weight) is changeable. Pretty much the point of the ‘Gravity Challenge’



clark: … 57.6   (not bad, for going into a weekend)


christine: …148  (‘the perfect illustration of the principle of ‘stable weight’  laugh at the one/two day increases, as long as the average (and the trend) in weight is the direction you desire…’)


val: … 3.5

lisa August 28 2015

lisa: …2.0  (lisa is not overly happy with this readout…so lets all help her remember the underlying principle of the ‘Gravity Challenge’   i.e. hey! it’s that number today, what the hell was the number last week?!? or the number next week??!  (lol, ok, so we’re not yet ready for formal and professional cheerleading… (gimme a ‘G’! gimme a ‘R’ (no! that’s give me ‘an’ ‘R’) …)  you’ve been in the land of pleased-with-progress-numbers before and you will be there again.)


joy August 28 2015

joy: … 187.73  still one day left in the week


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