August 29, 2015 ‘… and another month comes to a close. did you remember to vote?’

So, it looks like a landslide is building for taking the Gravity Challenge into September (month motto: ‘sure, there are really warm days, but Summer is over‘)

Waiting to hear from Christine and Joy and Kristi (we totally want unanimity on the extension of the G Games!) Somebody call them up!



clark: …58  (can live wit dat  for going into a weekend)





val: … 2.9   ( I’ll go out on a limb and say,  ‘she can live wit dat!’)

Joy august 29 2015

joy: … 186.1  (two words: damn!)

4 thoughts on “August 29, 2015 ‘… and another month comes to a close. did you remember to vote?’

  1. YES! I definitely want to keep doing the Gravity Challenge!!
    This past week was awful for me with two sick kids, but one is totally better and the other should be very soon. And maybe I’ll get to sleep through the night again? A mom can dream 🙂


  2. I vote yes, and I’ve voting before I set foot on a scale after being gone for 2 weeks, lest I chicken out when I know the truth. September WILL be the month that gravity has less impact on me!


    • excellent!
      (in fact, I will go so far as to say, you initial experience will remind us all about the principles underlying this whole Gravity Challenge… that the focus, the point and the only thing that pretty much matters is the ‘fact of change’ everything else follows from that. I bet, sometime in the month of September I’ll find the time to try and create a graph of the numbers over that last…whatever. I expect to see a very up and downy line, but overall it will be slanted downward. maybe not a precipitously as one might like to see, but you know the old saying! ‘trends are the glue of personal reality’)


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