August 19, 2015 (‘hey, ya gotta admit, not a very attractive date, is it… so, lets go easy on ourselfs today’)

Some of us are struggling this week. Fortunately some of us are doing alright. And therein lies the secret of the Gravity Challenge. Not to get all ‘the good of the many, cumbyah… Chairman Mao Thousand Paper Hats‘ kind of stuff!  Hell no! We all have way too much clarklike aspect (dominant  or secondary) to take that overly-travelled road! Nope! Not us!

Today we’ll consider the concept of ‘constructive apathy‘.

So, I’ve been doing pretty well, getting closer to my target stable weight, when this week starts with a plus 2 lbs! Like I didn’t just come off almost two weeks of declining  numbers! Bummer.
Immediately in my head, the voice starts, ‘hey screw this. it don’t work, see?’  But… but! I know about ‘constructive apathy’! And I say to myself, I say, ‘too bad. hey Christine and Joy and lisa are making good progress… I’ll let up on myself…not eat more/not eat less…. just whatever this week and see what happens next and root for the others.

ya know?


clark: … 59.6  (sure, for this week and this week only, it’s  whatever!) lol



christine: 148    holding steady out there in Steadyville USA (Steadyville USA motto: ‘when the spiders crawl the walls as high as an elephant’s eye,
And they look like they’re climbing clear up to the sky. oh what a horrifying morning!‘)



val:  5.4  (when one goes one many vacations and such, one certainly must expect a little extra work, when one gets back from one’s vacation, mustn’t one?  lol  (it’s good to have company as I engage in my own ‘constructive apathy’…. this week only, of course!)



lisa: …9.0  (very nice… we see the concept of ‘stable weight’ demonstrate it’s ownself)



joy: …185.87    that’s right  ‘5’  (and I quote our fellow Graviteer),  “Finally under 186, just barely but ‘I’ll take it!'”

August 18, 2015 ‘fun with scales’

Hey, show of hands,  ‘Is this Gravity Challenge (still) worthwhile? All in agreement?’

Well, then  should we be trying anything more interesting….  (speaking for myself, the benefit for me is simply when the numbers are not to my liking, I am less inclined to say, ‘screw it! I’ll:

  • eat ice cream for dinner more than one night a week
  • not bother trying to getting a little more exercise (being defined and simply working up a sweat)
  • be less tolerant of being hungry (there was a time when, if I was hungry, I could ignore it…. nowadays way less so)
  • believe that I’ll never get back to (whatever weight), I’ll always be (whatever weight)

…so a show of hands, yo



clark: … 59.4  (not worried….  lol)



val:1.9  yow!  looks like val is starting to demonstrate an increasingly inverse relationship to the center of the earth!



christine: 147.5   the middle of the country is increasing in elevation (due to the decrease in the weight of it’s inhabitants !)



joy:186.4   (ok…  surely there is a 185. something something in the near future, ya know?)



lisa:1.5  (now that number is totally teetering on the edge… a mere whisper to send it plunging!)

August 17, 2015 (even today’s Date sounds like Summer is ending… it’s too soon)

Send in your Monday weights and then forget about it. (For me), the whole business of ‘stable weights’ has value and use because I tend to eat more on weekends. Rather than get all ‘oh man! now I weight <insert number here>, bummer!‘ I now that over time my weight changes in reflection of what I do and what I eat and when I get the weight to hover at a certain point, for a certain length of time…. then I can relax and, when I see a number like today’s, I can say, ‘shit! weekend bounce!‘  but, if I don’t get myself all fatalistic and do what I did last week, then the number I see later in the week is more of where I was than where I am this morning.

…from Graviteer, Kristi who is running in exotic locales

…from Graviteer, Kristi who is running in exotic locales

Come …on    stable weight!



clark: … 59.2



christine: …148  (nice start…no weekend bounce!)



val:2.8 not bad, given it was not just weekend, but vacation week!


lisa August 17 2-15

lisa:  …1.5  (lets all remind lisa that sometimes the universe just likes to mess with out heads, ya know?)


joy:186.73  the flip side of stable weight … we still benefit