September 1, 2015 ‘Gentlewomen and Men, start your cameras, stand on your scales… and rage against the center of the earth’

Lets see what the next few days bring. Surely some ups (in mood as a result of downs in numbers) and downs (in optimism flowing from an up in the readout on that there scale there).
OK! so now we’ve eliminated the element of surprise. What good does that do?  All the good in the world!  Focus on identifying with each other, ’cause if Christine’s number is up one day and she’s laughing (with confidence) then I know that that’s in the realm of possibility for me and, if lisa is rushing those numbers and dodging the impulse to think ‘well, maybe it’s down now…’  then, by the power of identification, I know that I can respond that same way, if (and when) it happens to me.

ya know?


clark: …57


christine: …148


val: …4.9


lisa: …1.0

kristi Sept 1 2015

kristi: … 1.0

joy Sept 1 2015

joy: …187.


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