September 28, 2015

Last Week of the Month! Not too fast, was it?

Send in photos.


clark: …57.0  (hey, it is Monday… the point of establishing a stable weight is so that I can have confidence that the number will be back to 55+- by Wednesday, ya know?

christine: …


val: …2.0  hey! lets hear it for the girl  (the number is a fact, it is the reality today) enjoying seeing your preferred number)


joy: …1…holy…7….smoke…. 9.999  (for you new Readers, this is fun and exciting, but the Gravity Challenge is not about getting to a weight, as if the weight itself was the only important thing…. the Gravity Challenge is about seeing the range of possibility… and the fun of typing things like  ‘holy smoke!!’

lisa: …

kristi: …

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