September 22, 2015

Once a day (except on Sunday) a photo of the scale readout taken before 8 am. Could it be any simpler?



clark: …56.4


christine: …148


joy: …181.1


val: …2.3  (! very good ‘changing-of-the-numbers’!)




September 21, 2015 the week starts today, the month ends this week, so after today… it’s time to change those numbers!

Sure, it’s Monday. There is the bounce up in the number, but that’s what stable weight is all about, settling on a number that will tend to re-assert itself even when we over-indulge on, say, a weekend. (Obvious hint there. Over-indulge, not maintain whatever it takes to maintain a certain number, over-indulge.)



clark: …57.2



val: …3.8


joy september 21 2015

joy: …181


September 18, 2015 The (next to the) Last Day of the Week!! (semi) Hurray!!

OK, you know the drill.

Get up, get out of bed
drag a comb across your head

no! damn, that’s the Beatles…. I mean

get up but don’t feel fed up

we’re Challenging Gravity together

nothing lasts forever

…cept the spirit, the soul however you may know it

aiiight? pitchas!



clark: …56.0


christine: … 248



joy: … 179.2



val: … 4.5

September 17, 2015 (hey! do you realize how many days I’ve done this without a weird reference to the date?!)

The state of your weight is what we await

The Tale of your scale, this blog will regale


Enough of the Burma Shave (don’t worry, you aren’t expected to get that reference…it’s stretching a bit as it is, but I get to have fun too, you know)




clark: …56.0


christine: …147


val: …4.8

lisa: …


joy: … 180.7

kristi sept 17 2015

kristi: …9.6

September 16, 2015 Open Enrollment in the Gravity Challenge Wednesday!

Not much time left to join in on the coolest of all group ….things. The Gravity Challenge! Come one, Come all! Doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you are willing to share a photo of your scale each and every day (‘cept Sunday, of course!) then you can join us an enjoy the sublime benefit of identifying with a totally exceptional group of people from all over the planet.


clark: … 55.0


christine: … 148.0


val: …4.8


joy Sept 16 2015

joy: …181.1 

kristi Sept 16 2015

kristi: …9.6

September 15, 2015

Back on track.

hey, it just occurred to me that, seeing how this here Gravity Challenge is all about a group of people engaging in an activity, (in large part), for the sake of enjoying the experience of identifying with other people (in the group), that I should share my thoughts on my own efforts. This is, of course, a huge part of the reason for a blog and, even though, the narrative of the group has  pretty much been confined to ‘the Facebook’ each day as we send in photos, there has been some commentationing that’s provided some insight into our collective experience.

My own current numbers? Two words: ‘getting comfortable with being hungry’, That’s what I attribute my (current) success at getting a lower stable weight. To be fair, I should say that eating has never been a primary pleasure center. I’ve always understood that eating is usually an activity that people derive a specific (and highly developed) pleasure from, for me, not all that much. I suspect I’m not entirely odd in this regard, but the Challenge has allowed me to see that, over time,  I’ve changed and somehow gotten to the point that I’ll eat just to have something to do. And that’s not the worst part. What I also realized is that my ‘comfortable tolerance’ of being hungry had also changed. In other words, I was experiencing hunger as unpleasant, at a lower threshold than ever before.

I suspect that I’m not explaining this quite as clearly as I should, but I’ll keep trying. In short,  the lesson I’ve gotten from our Gravity Challenge is that my capacity to do things and interact with the world is not as limited by the need to satisfy my appetite as I had come to believe.

any thoughts?


It’s safe, it’s fun and as the queen of yo-yo dieting, it has helped me keep my weight steady within a few pounds over the last few months. Now that Fall is here it’s time to make some significant changes and this little challenge will help. (Val)

Seeing the NUMBER every day reminds me that everything I do (or don’t do) effects the number, and it’s all connected. I know it’s not about just the number, but the number represents the whole Health package for me.
My number is low today, wasn’t feeling well, so this will come back up. Probably tomorrow, but I can remind myself not to go crazy today bc the number being down to me means my metabolism is down. Hope that makes sense! (Joy)



clark: …54.4


christine: ...145.5


val: 2.9


lisa: …. 3.0


joy: ….. 180.8

kristi: …..