Octobet 2, 2015

Hey!  You!   (no, the person 2 seats behind you, of course I mean you)  Come join us on the October (yeah, the spelling in the title of today’s Post is me being playful) Gravity Challenge!! You want a reason?!  I’ll give you two reasons:

  1. it can help you if the number on your scale* is not the number you would want it to be
  2. it’s fun… there are these virtual people who participate and sometimes they’ll say something that you know that you know (except you didn’t think anyone else knew…. ya know?)
  3. because, if you get involved with this 5-Minutes-a-Day-(every day except Sunday)-exercise, you will be glad that you did!  Ask anyone!
  4. yeah, that’s right!  Kristi’s Rule allows any (portion) of the readout, provided that it shows enough to see the change
  5. * no, you’re correct, we don’t say ‘weight’ we say ‘the number’  because that’s all it is for our purposes here…. enough now  sign up!






val: 0.0  (v cool number to head to a weekend with)

kristi october 2 2015

Kristi: …8.2



joy: … 183.9  (ha! we’re not fooled by the trickery of the weightanista scale industrial complex… it’s a number on a given day… so there)


8 thoughts on “Octobet 2, 2015

  1. I will invite my cousin. This looking at the number process really works. Ok not every single day but overall I’m making better choices. That’s a huge effect for such a small amount of time each day!


    • if I may (consider checking your number today or tomorrow and if it’s not too horrifying (no! really lol) send it in (today or tomorrow), suggest… damn! lost track of the parenthesieseses


  2. I want to be a part of this. I gotta do something about that number on my scale, and I’m hoping a little peer pressure will help.
    So what am I supposed to do? Send you a pic of my scale every morning? To your email or what?


    • Amy

      cool (great start btw with your choice of words… ‘that number on my scale’ that’s exactly how we look at it… we hardly ever bother using the word ‘weight’…. for us it’s a number on a given day._

      so here’s how it works. every day take a photo of your scale’s readout* before 8am and send it as message on the Facebook (I trust I’m a ‘friend’ on the FB) I put it into the blog and publish the blog…. everyday except for Sunday.

      *Kristi’s Rule allows Graviteers to display whatever part of the number theys comfortable with…. all of it or just either side of the decimal your choice


    • lol…. (“I’m melting….melting”*)

      I really like your rule because, while it leaves everyone the freedom to manifest in this forum however they are comfortable, it (the Rule) emphasizes two things that sets the Gravity Challenge apart from other efforts towards a similar goal:
      a) the emphasis is on change, as in, the fact of change as a reality and that is underrated when we embark on an effort to change some physical characteristic we’re all too prone to fatalism in this regard
      2) its a number (on a given day) and so, while the good is still good, the bad is …just a number on a given day (no, I realize that this can be criticized as overly-simplistic and pollyannish…but no one participating in this here Challenge here is either one of those things)
      c) the focus becomes supportive of identifying with one and another and I will maintain that, no matter how inconsequential or of passing importance it might be, if I can say ‘I know how you feel’ that is a good thing.

      no! I don’t think of Val as Margret Hamilton!!


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