October 6, 2015 ‘no! I said we steal the cattle and then….’


It’s not that there should be a huge sigh of relief to leave Monday behind, well, maybe for one or two of us, but here we are, in the Switzerland of the Workweek Days,  Tuesday!

On with the Challenge!  About our Challenge? it is a group individual effort. Which is to say, it’s truly an individual effort (sorry! only one life form on the scale at a time!) but there is a group of us engaged in the same activity.  Notice I did not say, ‘a group of us with a common goal’? That’s because the power of the group here is found in identification with one and another, not simply a consolidated effort.

So… look around at the other photos…. (you know most people here) and know that,  you know how they feel.  Sure, it’s a very small part of their (and your’s) life, but you do know how 5 or 6 other humans feel at a certain this Tuesday morning.

That’s not a bad thing to be able to claim.


clark: … 55.0


christine: …147.0  (and I quote:  “147 happy Tuesday to ya!”)


kristi: …9.4


val: … 1.0


lisa: …1.5


joy: …180.0001


sarah: …134.6


alex: …154


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