October 20, 2015

Today is Tuesday.


clark: …55.2


christine: …149.0  ( Floridean Gain… stubborn, no?)


val: …2.5 (nice…)


joy: …177.7  (2 words:  ‘yow!’)


lisa: …87.5  ( !  yeah )



sarah: …134.0  (everyone seems to be on the correct-direction move …come on! Inverse Square Law!!!)


8 thoughts on “October 20, 2015

    • Hahahahaha the whole system is StRaNgE! Sometimes it has a painful look, or it st eyes are squeezed closed, as if in disgust!
      It never, ever smiles. It also does this whole schpeal when it weighs you, and for mine? It plays thus sad trumpet music and a voice says “That’s obese!”
      If I keep on my path, hopefully I’ll work down from Obese to just Overweight. Lofty goal, isn’t it? 🙂 In real life I smile a LOT!


      • I’m glad you find it funny. I think I would have taken a hammer or a chainsaw to it by now. Lol. Funny what motivates different people. I’d like my scale to say things like , “it was the salty soup you ate yesterday” or “you are beautiful” or “you can do it”. I applaud you. You are doing great 😀😀😀


      • I agree, those sneaky avatars you know some totally forgotten software engineer-geek in Osaka or Des Plaines decided that he could change the world by sneaking in some subversion into our home technology


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