October 21, 2015 (oh, damn! that means tomorrow is ‘wake up hungry Thursday!!’ ayiiee!!)

Yeah, you read that subtitle correctly! Tomorrow is wake up hungry Thursday.

Sorry, but it’s outside our control. And, no Sarah, skipping a meal during the day today doesn’t count, unless it’s the last meal of the day. And even that’s not necessary. Because this is about waking up hungry, not fasting.

Fasting is too easy. We all know how to fast and have tried it before and it doesn’t work. Mostly because fasting is the Puritan (lets make that ‘Shaker’ for the purposes of our little allegory) Ethic of weight loss. Big Suffering = big rewards.

Doesn’t work that way. (But then you all knew that already, didn’t you?)

Waking up hungry on purpose is more challenging and more effective and, ultimately more satisfying.

Everyone is different and you all know what to do so that, tomorrow morning you will wake up hungry. And when you do, (wake up hungry), you will smile to yourself because you have done a little thing (that has a ton of different uses and inferences and appreciations for us to ourselfs) and then you’ll go about the day, no longer hungry (because, like we just said,  this is not fasting), knowing that you have accomplished something.


clark: … 55.4




val: …4.9


lisa: …88.5


joy: …177.25

sarah October 21 2015

sarah: …135.6

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