October 28, 2015 ” …the Voting is over, and the Winner is …. November Gravity Challenge by a landslide!”


I used a quote from a movie, ‘Training Day’ (no, you probably don’t need to go download it, if the name rings a bell, fine if not…. that’s ok). I enjoyed it, in part, because I like Denzel Washington….. but! the point is, it provided the catchy, if not mangled paraphrase, ‘November ain’t got nothing on us Graviteers!’)

I will say, being from Y Chromia, my first thought was, ‘damn! November sure is a food-intensive month! I better get my number down now, so I’m not so discouraged by the Pilgrim bounce. (Hey! the story is, you settlers, were, like starving and such, what say I celebrate by eating until I don’t feel so good!).

But then I realized what it is that we’re accomplishing here. In part, I think it’s encouraging the sense of weight being a number on a scale and not who we are (or, more insidiously, who we are meant to be, because that’s just how things are). We’ve all seen the changing of the numbers (over time).

For me, an even bigger benefit of participation is identifying with everyone else. Granted, it’s a very small segment, narrow bandwidth, if you will, identification. But, that’s the coolest thing about identifying with another person. It doesn’t matter how much, it’s simply a fact, that I know how another feels. (about one thing, for one moment in time. doesn’t matter).

too much talking (hey! I read somewhere that writing a post burns up…. never mind  lol)


clark: …55.2


christine: …147.0


lisa: …88.5


val: …2.4


joy: …178.01

kristi: …


sarah: …134.6

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