November 21, 2015 (What the hell do you mean, ‘1 more Saturday in the month?!!’ …. no way!)

….way.  One more Saturday and we be through the second most riskiest month on the normal calendar!

Ever one has been doing remarkably well this week…all things being equal (yes, I am also talking to you lisa!  remember it’s the variability of the number and not just what is today.)  Remember that old saying, ‘the only bad number is the number we have imposed on us by  other forces, including, but not limited to: society and culture at large, family (original and newly-acquired) and that part of ourselfs that knows that things should be a certain way but insists on believing that we control/we lack control over our number (simultaneously, of course!)

so… numero,  plez


clark: …57.8



val: …5.3

lisa November 21 2015

lisa: …89.0



joy: …177.25


sarah: …133.4

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