December 9, 2015



clark: …59.6


christine: …146.5


val: …4.3


joy: …178.01


sarah: …133.0


lisa: …85.0



lizzi: …150.0


3 thoughts on “December 9, 2015

  1. I saw MAJOR CREEP (THUD) this week but couldn’t do much about it. Crazy schedule. I did what I could, drank a bunch of tea and water was the most I could do, and avoided making a huge batch of Christmas cookies and just eating the raw dough, which is my initial reaction to stress, and thanks to TGC today I’m back down. I say “Thanks to TGC” b/c I’m not kidding when I tell you before we started doing this, I probably would’ve stress eaten a ton of carbs this week. And then woke up at least one day with a sugar hangover. I’m so glad I resisted. I hope to get walking again one of these days, but in the meantime I’m glad I’m at least thinking a little bit about the consequences of my actions. That’s a step in the right direction. Trying not to stress about my creep back up, I know THAT doesn’t help at all for mind, body or spirit! Thanks for your support Clark and everyone! Group hug!


    • me first!! I am so a natural for hugging and such (lol)
      but I totally agree… there is such power in a group effort (not a power that is borrowed from others or lent to others) rather it’s the power (imo) that comes from identifying with other people (with a topic/interest in common) and there is so much that we do to ourselfs or the culture does to us… it’s nice to know that this thing of ours offers a secret edge that we’ve all very much earned


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