December 14, 2015 ‘…and the week starts here!’

Alright, enough of the messin around. I’ve kinda coasted, after surviving (if the truth be told, we all did better than merely surviving) the Thanksgiving Threat. I need to remember that the Gravity Challenge is not merely and endurance race (although, to a certain extent it is), it is also a sprint, high hurdles, obstacle course and steeplechase! And, in the contradictory way that most secrets of the universe tend to present themselves, it is only when I view this thing as a new, and in many ways, undefined challenge, do I find within strength and power that does not exist in my everyday world.

So, today I say…. Get ready (‘hell, I woke up ready!’) Get set (‘set? you better believe it!’) Go!


clark: …59.6


christine: …148.0


val: …2.5

lisa December 14 2015

lisa: …87.0

kristi December 14 2015

kristi: …6.4

joy December 14 2015

joy: …179.0


sarah: …132.8


lizzi: …152.0


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