December 18, 2015 ‘only 2 weeks until Christmas!’

(Just a little calendary humor)

Send in the gift that keeps on giving, today’s photo of votre échelle de bain, sounds so continental, no?


clark: ..56.2


christine: …148.5


val: …5.3


joy December 18 2015

joy: …176.6 (!)

kristi December 18 2015

Kristi: …4.2



lizzi: …152.0

2 thoughts on “December 18, 2015 ‘only 2 weeks until Christmas!’

  1. I’m so psyched about the NUMBA. I made Christmas cookies for my youngests’ Christmas choir concert tonight, and ate some. I mean, duh. Thanks to TGC, I automatically drank a bunch of water, had a salad for lunch, soup for dinner and walked the kids to school. I didn’t think about it, I just did it. That’s the thing. It wasn’t torture, it was automatic. That’s the beauty of seeing the numba every day (and sending it to someone else MAKES me do it. I won’t do it if I know its just me.) SEEING the number every day is making me do things differently. Make better decisions, just automatically. I’m not even thinking about it anymore, it’s becoming auto pilot.
    Thanks yet again, Clark and everyone here at TGC for making me better. SOMEONE had to do it, I can’t be left to my own devices!
    This has been a much better last quarter of 2015 because of TGC and the support of everyone and Clark’s efforts with this blog. I REALLY appreciate it!


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