December 19, 2015 ‘only 10 more shopping days ’til Christmas!’

End of week.

Very active (which is, almost always a good sign) week this here week. While we take encouragement in one day’s number being simply, one day’s number… there is also the ‘tendency of change’ which is really at the heart of any long term alteration (of the level of attraction towards the center of the earth). Watching with interest Kristi’s experience with a food regime and, of course, Joy who is, for lack of better words, ‘tearing it up’ with her efforts. What a excellent group we have here.


clark: …56.6



val: …4.6


lisa: …87.0


joy: …177.6 (“yeah, well Sony or Ninetindo or whoever the hell you are, we Graviteers are quite capable of discerning them decimal numbers for our own damn selfs!”)




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