January 7, 2016 ‘Sign-for-Free Thursday!’

Sure. What you read is the total truth.

You can become a Graviteer and participate in one of the most exclusive (and therefore coolest) weight-related programs (or efforts, or game or group effort…. it’s pretty much what you want it to be, provided you follow the few Rules).

Rule 1: ya gotta provide a photo

Rule 2: the portion of the readout depicted in your photo can be all or a part of the number (aka Kristi’s Rule)

Rule 3: you need to send us a comment and/or email so you can me on ‘the Facebook’ which is where everyone goes to send the photos and such (and where, the Day’s Photos are Posted)


clark: …59.0


christine: …148.0


val: …3.8


lisa: …88.5

kristi: …


joy: …182.25


sarah: …135.6

lizzi: …


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