January 27, 2016 Wed nez day

Photos below:


clark: …60.6


christine: …147.0


val: …2.2


lisa: …88.5



joy: …181.8


sarah: …135.6


2 thoughts on “January 27, 2016 Wed nez day

  1. After I got on the scale today, I was reminded of a part in a Totie Fields book about weighing yourself. She wrote some Steps To Take Before you step on a scale.
    She was funny pre-internet so I can’t find them.
    Off the top of my head,
    before you step on a scale:
    Remove clothes
    Trim finger/toenails
    Shave everywhere
    Get hair cut, cut off all body hair
    Remove belly button lint
    Think light thoughts
    I feel like there were more.
    Most of you are too young to remember Totie Fields, but she was one of thee first to fight the idea that women had to look a certain way, or feel guilty about not being a slave to their appearance.
    My Grandmother lived her life with this philosophy, laughing and openly talking about our flaws, accepting it and not being ashamed. THIS is why I’m not ashamed of my flaws and I’m very glad.
    I just thought I would share this with you today.
    Here is a YouTube clip of her stand-up:


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