April 28, 2016

We had a visitor yesterday, from a follower who has an active and enthusiastic interest in the same things, (in part), that we do, i.e. altering our attractive force, relative to the center of the earth. So, big shout-out to Carl at Healthy Lifestyle… hey! thanks for Comment.

Meanwhile, we’re all apparently demonstrating the key (and core) concept upon which the Gravity Challenge is built, the number we observe (and photograph) each day is our number that day. Like the clothes we wear, we have the choice, it just takes a little longer to change our outfit, but is more fun and cheaper to take care of than sending everything to the dry cleaner.


clark: …59.4


christine: …143.0


val: …6.8


joy: …183.9


sarah: …135.8

kristi: …


lisa: …86.5

April 27, 2016

damn…. plateau! It’s always amazing, (and, in a way, re-assuring), when Stable Weight exerts itself. This week, good progress down off a high, but now the resistance that is Stable Weight is clearly in evidence. I bet I could do nothin but drink water and the number on my scale will not change…at least not immediately. Now, the key is to trick the body into thinking nothings going on! (At the first sign of impending starvation, the body will find ways to draw calories from tap water), hah! I’m smarter than that! Just you wait and see!


clark: …60.4


christine: …144.0


val: …6.7


joy: …182.99999 (shhh!  lol)

sarah: …

kristi: …

lisa: …