April 27, 2016

damn…. plateau! It’s always amazing, (and, in a way, re-assuring), when Stable Weight exerts itself. This week, good progress down off a high, but now the resistance that is Stable Weight is clearly in evidence. I bet I could do nothin but drink water and the number on my scale will not change…at least not immediately. Now, the key is to trick the body into thinking nothings going on! (At the first sign of impending starvation, the body will find ways to draw calories from tap water), hah! I’m smarter than that! Just you wait and see!


clark: …60.4


christine: …144.0


val: …6.7


joy: …182.99999 (shhh!  lol)

sarah: …

kristi: …

lisa: …

3 thoughts on “April 27, 2016

  1. One of the ways to get past a plateau is to change up your workouts. one thing that has worked well for me is a program called Beachbody on demand which allows me to change up my workout routines.


    • While we haven’t tried to incorporate an exercise component to the Gravity Challenge, the idea of ‘change ups’ resonates. Not only, imo, opinion do we need to ‘listen’ to our bodies, sometimes it’s necessary to trick it…just a little.

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