April 18, 2016

Send in your Monday photos, then the rest of the day is on the positive side.


clark: …62.2


christine: …143.0


val: …9.2  (hey!! lets all help val welcome and get comfortable with a whole new ‘decade’!!)


joy: …185.01


sarah: …133.8

kristi: …

lisa: …

April 11, 2016 (“ok… everyone, lets gather around here….”)

Hey, this is a group thing, right? And, as a group thing, we, each of us, have the privilege of expressing something that acquires a certain power by virtue of the group. At least that’s how I look at this thing of ours. Through the power of ‘identification’ I acquire strengths and persistence that I might not have on my own.

I really need to get my numba* out of the 6s and into the 5s.

There, done. (imo), I have just significantly improved my odds of success! Not because I’ll feel pressure because I stated this goal. Not because my pride is on the line. Simply because that is what Graviteers do! And, in case you haven’t visited past posts, (as Joy and I did last week), we all have moved the number quite in line with our intentions.

Enough of the pep talk (lol…. no, really!  can you imagine the confused look in any high school sport huddle if there’s a clark as head coach?  Of course, somewhere there is and I surely would enjoy listening to his or her pep talk.)


clark: …62.2




val: …1.9 (!)

lisa: …

kristi: …


joy: …186.02

sarah: …