April 4, 2017

Ok, enough messing around… this is, after all, the Gravity Challenge… you know, gravity as in grave, serious, full of import?  Everyone?  Prepare to get used to being hungry.

clark: …63.8

val: …9.5

lisa: …68.5

may: …

joy: …186.3

kristi: …

sarah: …


3 thoughts on “April 4, 2017

  1. The up-side of the number not going down is that at least it didn’t go up. Such are the ups and downs of this undertaking….unless I am cracking up!


    • will leave the matter of soundness of mind to those better qualified (ha ha)… but you are totally correct about the upside. Stable Weight is just that…stable. We take advantage of this quality when there is a temporary spike upwards, we remain calm and non-discouraged as our number tends towards what it has been.
      Of course, this stability is not our friend when we attempt to push the number downwards, but it is stable, not permanent and therefore when we move downwards, it makes possible a new (lower) stable weight.


  2. Ask Lisa. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning. I’ll be working on my new lower stable weight as the next couple of months progress.


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