July 6, 2017

clark: …64.0

val: …5.1

lisa: …

may: …184.0

(ed. note. from Graviteer May:

   “Lisa and I both constantly have at least one book in progress.  During the month of June we read In Cold Blood together/half a continent apart.  We would regularly post our reactions to the book for the other to read.  It was so enjoyable we decided to choose another book and do it again this month.  This time we chose Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed.  Because it is a book about hiking/exercise we decided to expand our commitment beyond reading to include daily walking ( jogging and/or running).  Knowing all Graviteers are committed to maintaining or losing weight we thought there might be some in the group who would be interested in participating in this long distance (pun intended) book club.
The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long and is walked on average over a 5 mo period. This makes an average month’s distance 530 mi or 132.5 mi per week/18.93 per day. I am too out of shape to set that “average” pace as my goal. We could commit to simply walking daily, making note of our personal distance total by the time we finish the book.  At the end all could submit their distance and we will figure out what portion of the trail we would have walked in that time. Recognizing that we are all at different fitness levels we would make this less about competing with one another, and more about going as far together as we can towards that 2,650 miles.
The walking would be half of the Wild Challenge.  The other half would be the reading and reacting.  We would read as close to daily as possible.   I don’t have the book in hand to know exactly how it is broken down, but I suspect we could plan to do up to a chapter a day over the better part of a month.  We could then visit 2milerun.wordpress.com whenever we have read a section of the book and jot down any thoughts or reactions we had to what we read.  And if anyone has actually been to the trail (or similar trails) and can offer insights through their experiences, that would be most welcome as well.  
I hope some of you find the idea intriguing and choose to join us!”


joy: …

sarah: …

kristi: …

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