July 24, 2017

clark: …63.4

val: …5.8

joy: …184.6

may: …183.0

lisa: …

sarah: …

kristi: …


2 thoughts on “July 24, 2017

    • No.
      A new online thing.
      The Gravity Challenge is a daily (except on Sunday) thing where participants, who are doing something with their weight (either raising or lowering) send in a photo of the readout on their scale (for that day).
      Its more of a ‘co-accountability exercise’.
      One important thing is that, by sending in photos, we are all sharing (whatever) change we are experiencing.
      You’ll notice that most are simply a photo of the the number to the left and the number to the right of the decimal place (or two to the left).
      This is because, as mentioned, we are concerned only with change, not progress.
      The key principle underlying this thing is what we call Stable Weight. Stable Weight is the (observation) of the law of conservation of motion. Once a Stable Weight is achieved (usually 5 days or more) the tendency is to resist change (either up or down).
      This is the kind of thing we do.
      I invite you to join us, if you wanted to.


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