the Wakefield Doctrine

Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



Of clarks and attachments

(‘… on being an Outsider in a world of furniture with slipcovers and shelves of un-read books’.)

We all know that clarks, in the scheme of the Wakefield Doctrine, are the Outsiders. The term most-often misapplied is ‘introvert’. This does little justice to either personality type. In one case, it condemns the person to passive restraint, (in) the other, deprives them of an attribute that almost makes it it all worthwhile: genuine creativity.

That said, what sets the Wakefield Doctrine apart and, in turn, sets the bar so high for those who would take advantage of the value of the additional perspective it offers, is the notion of personal reality. When we talk about predominant worldviews, (of the Outsider(clarks), the Predator(scotts) and the Herd Member(rogers), we are talking about reality, as experienced by, (and limited as such to), the individual. (Note: nothing terribly original or shocking here. The notion of the ‘vivability'(lol) of subjective experience of the world has been thoroughly documented, (if not under-appreciated), by generations of experimental psychologists, aka rogers). (lol)

Seriously. The value of the principles of the Doctrine only begins to make itself available after you’ve accepted that the world, and the people who make it up, are subtly, (but significantly), different for everyone.

Which brings us to the other quality that sets the Wakefield Doctrine apart: everyone has the perfect personality type. For the characteristic reality/predominant worldview, they faced as a very, very, veriest young human. (Imagine, back to the world before language, consisting of motion and force, light and darkness, hunger and fear surrounded us.)

The point is, if you grew up and developed your social strategies, (aka personality type), in the personal reality of the Outsider, or the Predator or the Herd Member, you would fit the profile as defined in this personality system. (Lots more to this, including secondary and tertiary aspects, but need to get back to clarks). Suffice to say, the world you experience is real and your reactions and responses are appropriate.

What are we to make of the subtitle to today’s Post?

clarks are people who go through life making the inanimate live and the secretive submit to discovery, revealing what the investigator wants to learn.

We’re Outsiders. Our primary motivation is to learn what it is that, (nearly), everyone around us, from since before we remember, have been taught. The secret of being a real person, the formula for belonging.

(btw Pro-tip?  clarks are afraid of nothing but are ultimately fearful of scrutiny.)

The reason is simple. We can’t understand why it is we are Outsiders. We had no intention to be apart from the people around us. We just discovered it to be true. (Hint: remember that thing about personal reality? 99.99% of people don’t quite believe that this thing, personal reality, is real. Sure, they’ll allow, it’s real to the person as part of their belief/delusion, self-deception, but there’s only one reality, the real reality they’ve experience uninterupted. Unfortunately, this deprives them of the flat-out, super-power, of perspective. To know that the world can be many things.)


As a consolation prize and to keep us hoping that, if we don’t succeed in learning what everyone else has known since childhood, we are creative.

…maybe if we come up with something everyone wants, they’ll let us join them.


…to be cont’d







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