Welcome to 2 Mile Run. Club? Mob? Event?….All of those things and none of those things. It’s a group effort to perform a simple, self-challenge every day or some days, to run or walk or otherwise cover the distance of 2 miles. Sure there are “rules” but they’re simple. Cover the distance. Document the distance and post here on these pages.

Thought of the day? Came to you while “running”? Post here. We’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “About

    • saw your email… nothing yet in the way of your test comment… aiyeee, of course, we can continue to communicate in the “By light of the quarter moon, halfway towards where the old church used to be, a message, written in bark, you will find” approach


      • Clark–I’ve now left 2 test comments–both which say, “comment submitted”–have you checked your SPAM?? One comment is from this Z & Z Poetry/Breathing Shallow Poetry blog–THE OTHER IS FROM “Guarded Heart Tapestry” blog (my 2nd blog). Both were written from Microsoft Edge… could you please make one more attempt to find the comments I left you, so I know whether to quit this? Thanks much for your patience–I’m doing my utmost to be a reciprocal blog commenter on your posts.


      • PS: I left the comments on your 6-Sentence Story post/blog NOT the “Running” blog. Hope this helps and that you can find the comments I’ve left via Microsoft Edge… Please advise if we’re successful.


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