June 19, 2015 “it’s official! the rotation of the earth is slowing down…how better to explain this (elapsed) time?”

OK! The best thing about today?  Only one more Run left in the week! Then a whole 24 hours during which we can explore the promise and challenge of… competitive fly-fishing or maybe advanced crossword puzzle solving!


clark: 26:41:34


Val June 19 2015

val: 34:20:10




Kristi: 20:12:00



and photos!

food item June 19 2015

I believe this is cookies ‘n casserole  (or something like that!)  (I better go check)


OK directly from Val:  Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna

June 11, 2015 ‘past the halfway point of the week!’ (yeah, sometimes that’s all the encouragement necessary!)

2 Mile Run

Elapsed Time:  your style of traversing the 2 Miles is your own, just as your progress is your own. The common benefit in this group is identification, which we will define as: accepting that another person has experienced the same reality (for a second, for a decade, a feeling, an understanding) and, by recognizing this, finding a source of strength within that (may) have been undetected or, at very least, under-utilized.


clark: 23:35:00



Val: 30:20:33

Kristi June 11 2015

Kristi: 23:12:00


Music and photos…. hey! I’m in the mood for pop music!

(at least 2 Miles of water in this single photo)

(at least 2 Miles of water in this single photo)

June 10, 2015 Welcome to the 2 Mile Run!

Hey!! still time to sign up! No! seriously, the most critical day from the perspective of this here blog here has finally arrived!!  So write a comment and sign up.

Rules? Sure, (after all, what good is joining something if there aren’t Rules that keep everyone from joining?)

Rule 1: everyone can (and should) join and participate here at the 2 Mile Run

Rule 2: 2 Miles

Rule 3: Run means ‘run’ (which, around here also means: walk, stroll, amble, sprint, traverse, cover in a deliberate manner, go from ‘here’ to ‘there’ (‘here’ being an arbitrary point on the map and ‘there’ being another arbitrary point on a map…. 2 miles away.)



clark: 25:21:07



kristi: 20:21:00


2 Miles in Manhattan

2 Miles in Manhattan

Val: 47:39:83

(photos below!)


Alex June 10 2015

alex: 32:20:00

…and the beat goes on!

(holding one more place)





Music and Photos Section:

today at 'the first left turn'

today at ‘the first left turn’


Apparently Sardi's was within the 2 Mile range!

Apparently Sardi’s was within the 2 Mile range!

Time Square courtesy of our Intrepid Valina

Time Square courtesy of our Intrepid Valina