November 2, 2017


clark: …60.8

val: …7.6

kristi: …

may: …183.5

joy: …182.2


July 22, 2017

clark: …62.2

val: …

lisa: …

sarah: …

may: …

joy: … “Oh Clark looking at today, I HAD to come say Hello! 🙂 Looking stable, Maybel! Haha
Low 60s. Nice breeze.
Saturdays are a crap shoot. sometimes we have to rush out, or we sleep late or the kids are sleeping in the front room by the game I use to weigh myself.
Happy to report today I woke up to a child bringing me coffee in bed. Which is my husband’s nice way of saying it’s time to get up and clean for our guest today hahaha
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

kristi: …